Town houses in the Eldenaer Höfe

Only approx. 3 km away from the historical Berlin city center is the "Alter Schlachthof", which is located at the intersection of the three most densely populated localities of Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain and Lichtenberg. Since the mid-90s, modern town houses, condominiums and spacious lofts have been emerging in the developments around the Alter Schlachthof. A new urbanite residential ensemble is evolving here. Many families and young people welcome the urban flair and the new parks and areas of greenery that have appeared in the middle of the city.



Advantages of living in the city...

  • Short distances of travel to public transportation and all stores for daily necessities
  • Being in an environment surrounded by young people and numerous daycares, multilingual schools, playgrounds and parks
  • Only a few mins' walk from the Simon-Dach-Straße with its large selection of restaurants and cafes
  • Right next to the "hot spots": the Media-Spree and O2 Arena are only 1.5 km away
  • A wide variety of sporting facilities and gyms are also available
  • Relax and recuperate in the parks right outside your front door. The Volkspark Friedrichshain is also just 5 minutes away by bicycle
  • You already know what the neighborhood will look like in future from the various residential developments currently under way. Some houses have already been finished and are currently occupied
  • Ideal transport connections in all directions: 35 mins from Schönefeld Airport, 30 mins from Kurfürstendamm, and perfect connections when using public transport


Interested parties may arrange for an on-site consultation with the real estate firm Hendrik Malz Immobilien in the Eldenaer Str. 54 sales office. You may reach us by calling +49 (0)30 420 80 640 or sending us an e-mail at


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Tradition neu interpretiert

Vom alten Schlachthof zum modernen Townhouse

Die wunderschönen Giebelhallen der ehemaligen Rinderställe haben es uns angetan. Wir standen vor der Herausforderung, historische Architektur mit moderner, maßgeschneiderter und hochwertiger Innenraum-gestaltung zu verbinden. Die neue Nutzung als Wohnhäuser soll zur Bestandsgarantie für die steineren Zeugen der Geschichte werden.


Mit dem Antrag des Arztes Rudolf Virchow im Jahr 1862 auf ein öffentliches und vor allem hygienisch kontrolliertes Schlachthaus für Berlin begann die Geschichte des Zentral Vieh- und Schlachthofes. 

Erst 1877 erbaut, fielen im zweiten Weltkrieg rund 80% der historischen Backsteinbauten dem Bombenhagel zum Opfer. Wegen des guten Gleisanschlusses lagerte die Rote Armee nach Kriegsende auf dem Gelände tausende als Kriegsbeute deklarierte Kunstschätze – darunter den Pergamonaltar. Nach Kriegsende nahm man den Schlachtbetrieb nur noch auf dem neueren Geländeteil jenseits der Thaerstraße auf.

Nach der Wende sollten auf dem Gelände die Austragungsstätten der Olympischen Spiele 2000 entstehen. Da die Stadt Berlin den Zuschlag dafür nicht erhalten hatte, entwickelte sich stattdessen auf dem Areal ein neues Wohnensemble mit modernen Lofts, Eigentumswohnungen und Townhouses.



Nähere Informationen erhalten Sie auf der Projektseite der Eldenaer Höfe: oder auf Facebook

Modern or classic?

When planning the Eldenaer Höfe town houses, we accepted the challenge of combining the historical architecture of the old cowsheds in the Alter Schlachthof (old abbatoir) with modern, made-to-measure and high-quality interior design. In order to realize this ambitious goal, a competition was carried out with 5 renowned architectural firms. In the presence of a panel which also included representatives from the Senate of Berlin and officials from the locality, two winners were selected unanimously. The architectural firm KEC Planungsgesellschaft mbH and Nöfer Architekten. Both architectural firms chose entirely different approaches for the historical cowsheds and its magnificent gables. You can view the results in the pictures that follow.

Nöfer Architekten. Both architectural firms chose entirely different approaches for the historical cowsheds and its magnificent gables. You can view the results in the pictures that follow.


architectual firm KEC:


architectual firm Nöfer:


tl_files/cds-Daten/04-Projekte/Berlin/Schlachthof/Haustypen/cds-wohnbau_KEC_Eingang.jpg tl_files/cds-Daten/04-Projekte/Berlin/Schlachthof/Haustypen/cds-wohnbau_Noefer_Eingang.jpg
tl_files/cds-Daten/04-Projekte/Berlin/Schlachthof/Haustypen/cds-wohnbau_KEC_Garten.jpg tl_files/cds-Daten/04-Projekte/Berlin/Schlachthof/Haustypen/cds-wohnbau_Noefer_Terrasse.jpg


Parquet flooring in the entire house


For the Eldenaer Höfe town houses, you may choose between two standard configuration series: Modern-Line and Classic-Line. Whichever you pick, you can look forward to high-quality fixtures and furnishings from renowned brands. Visit our showroom to have a look at the various options available for individually configuring the interior of your new home. If you are interested in other products, we would be glad to advise you.


Building type


Town houses

Physically separate parcels of land

Greatest degree of individuality with two different house styles and different house types


Building characteristics


Houses with and without basement


Different ground plans possible
Generally, there are 2 sun decks per house for relaxation
Primarily floor-to-ceiling windows
Natural stone window sills
Genuine wood parquet flooring in the entire house (choose from oak or beech)
Bathroom, kitchen, guest bathroom and basement entrance area are lined with tiles
Spacious bathrooms lit with natural light
1 guest bathroom, additional bathrooms possible
Materials from renowned brand-name manufacturers are used in construction (e.g. Phillipe Starck Design)
Premium electrical installations

Construction type

Gypsum plasterboards for non-load-bearing walls
Reinforced concrete for ceilings

Building facilities and installations

Floor heating
Utilities room in basement or room in lieu of basement
Ecological community heating at low rates

Security and safety

Double-glazed windows | windows with mushroom head pins offer increased protection against break-ins and make it more difficult to unhinge the windows
Roller shutters on ground floor

Outdoor facilities

Garage or parking space included



For more information, please visit the Eldenaer Höfe project website: or on Facebook



Individual ground plan variants

Due to the many different house types, there is also a great variety of ground plans. In the following, we present two sample ground plans: the end house of row 3 and the gabled end house of row 4.











Living at the heart of it all

Greater quality of life through easy access

Living in your own house on your own land in the middle of the city without having to deal with traffic jams on the way to work in the morning and in the evening on the way home allows you to spend more time with your family. Spend the time saved on the finer things in life: with your family, friends, or even a new hobby that you previously never had time for.
In just 13 minutes you can travel home from the Friedrichstraße. Forget the suburbs and turn left right before the traffic jams start. It is even easier with the BVG (public transport in Berlin): The S-Bahn, U-Bahn and street trams are merely a few steps away. A great variety of small cafes, restaurants and creative stores with an original selection of products are only a few city blocks away. In just 10 minutes, you can walk to the Simon-Dach-Straße. Pick from one of the 7 supermarkets nearby to do your weekend grocery shopping.


tl_files/cds-Daten/04-Projekte/Berlin/Schlachthof/Lage/cds-wohnbau-drachenspielplatz-samariterviertel.jpg tl_files/cds-Daten/04-Projekte/Berlin/Schlachthof/Lage/EH-lage-cafe.jpg


Living in the "Kiez"

Located right next to the Eldenaer Höfe, the Samariterviertel neighborhood, with its beautiful promenades and buildings in art nouveau style along the Bänschstraße, continues to attract young families.

New, meticulously planned and lovingly designed playgrounds, spacious and green courtyards and newly-renovated schools, daycares and public cultural institutions all contribute to a comfortable living environment and make the surroundings so appealing as a residential address. 



Velodrom in 4 min by bicycle  

Simon-Dach-Straße in 5 min by bicycle

Volkspark Friedrichshain in 5 min by bicycle

O2 Arena in 8 min by bicycle
Alexanderplatz in 10 min by car
Friedrichstraße in 15 min by car
Potsdamer Platz in 20 min by car
Hauptbahnhof in 25 min by car
Berlin Brandenburg Airport in 30 min by car
Tegel Airport in 25min by car


For more information, please visit the Eldenaer Höfe project website: oder auf Facebook

Eldenaer Höfe

82 town houses steeped in history


Historic gables

The gables were refurbished and integrated into the new architecture


Gabled art

A number of artists have immortalized themselves in these ruins


Aerial view

The Blankensteinpark from above


Row 4 | View from the street

All houses come with a garage


Row 4 | View from the garden



Roof deck

Enjoy the view of the city.



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