Heckenborn - Dreieich Spendlingen

cds Wohnbau Gmbh- Heckenborn - Dreieich Sprendlingen - Kettenhaus, Doppelhaus, Einfamilienhaus, Haus

Projekte in Frankfurt:


Heckenborn in Dreieich-Sprendlingen




Living near the city - green and quiet 

Not far from the center of the largest district of Sprendlingen, a new, futuroriented residential area is being built in a beautiful natural location: the building area „Heckenborn“. 


cds Wohnbau GmbH ist developing 33 modern and architecturally attractive single-family, double, studio an row houses in the green residential area.



The property in "Heckenborn" fulfills our requirements to create a special home. As a service prider, we plan and build your new home from buying to your house delivery. You can count on qualified contact persons with many years of experience in housing consrtruction.


The cds Wohnbau GmbH is one of the first property developers to start the business on the construction area "Heckenborn". 


Overall view

33 detached-, duplex-, studio-, rowhouses
  • modern, unique architecture
  • living area of approx 151mto 200m2
  • houses with cellar
  • different floor plans possible
  • Equipment of well-known manufacturer 
  • large roof terraces and garden terraces
  • parking directly at the house
  • garage or carport on request

  • EnEV 2014
  • innovative heating system with underfloor heating
  • large green and play areas
  • more quality of life through short distance
  • Schools, day care center and shoppig possibilitys are within walking distance 
  • living in the country side and yet close to the city
  • sunny plots zw. 190mand 640m2
  • no additional buyer´s commission


Lichtdurchflutetes Wohnambiente


Open and flexible living arrangement

As before, the property determines the task. The spectrum of 33 building types spans from the classic row and duplex-house to the spacious studio house.


Characteristic ist the open concept of our buildings. Striking and a real highlight in the entire area is the modern architecture in the facade design of the houses. 


The modern equipment of the houses in connection with varied floor plans offers space for your personal whishes and ideas.


For planning that consciously focuses on the flexible forms of living, this location, which adjoins directly to green areas and natural spaces, will be ideal.


Light-filled living ambience 


The high quality of living and living of the houses is also characterized by the use of high-quality materials. The parquet floor, the floor-to-ceiling windows and the underfloor heating make for a pleasant living environment in a very pleasant way. In the bathrooms, the sanitary equipment with modern elegance..


Own gardens, spacious terraces and roof terraces - a planning with a feeling for space and development. All houses also have two private parking spaces, easy to reach, right at the house.. 


The special urban development quality goals are considered and implemented in the development. A green area, which pulls like a ribbon through the construction area, allows pure quality of life with many playing surfaces, seating and footpaths.


Mehr Lebensqualität in Dreieich



I want life here! 


Dreieich has a wide range of schools and educational facilities and is also located in the catchment area of ​​many colleges and universities.


The city center of Sprendlingen with shops, as well as educational, sports and leisure opportunities is within walking distance or by bike in a few minutes.


The "Neuhof", a farm estate of half-timbered buildings with an adjacent golf course completes the leisure activities of Dreieich.



Dreieich also has historic Art Nouveau buildings on the western edge of the municipality. A beautiful old town and annual castle festival on the castle ruins Hayn is very popular. In addition, Sprendlingen is quite well-known for its Kirchweihfest at Pentecost.


Regional cycle paths, bus connections and the Dreieichbahn with nearby stops connect the district with the surrounding area. From Buchschlag district the S-Bahn runs to Frankfurt and Darmstadt.




Die Studiohäuser

Heckenborn Studiohaus Dreieich Sprendlingen cds Wohnbautl_files/cds-Daten/04-Projekte/Frankfurt/Dreieich-Sprendlingen/heckenborn-cds-grundriss-kettenhaus.jpg


The special home - plenty of living space to feel good


The studio house is a one-family house, which knows not only architecturally convincing, but also offers a special living comfort. 


The generously designed floor plan is particularly suitable for families with children, but also for couples with high standards. The different orientation of the terraces, it also allows to benefit from as many hours of sunshine.


Convince yourself of the quality and the valuable equipment of the seven studio houses. A personal contact person of cds Wohnbau GmbH will be pleased to assist and advise you during the entire construction phase.




Heckenborn Studiohaus Dreieich Sprendlingen cds Wohnbau

View street front


Heckenborn Studiohaus Dreieich Sprendlingen cds WohnbauView garden front 


Das Einfamilienhaus



The detached-house


The house is valued by many builders as the house type with the highest residential value.

With its great design freedom and the generously dimensioned space, it is the ideal type of house for families with children and people who want to live individually and undisturbed.


Convince yourself of the quality and high equipment of the four single-family homes.

A personal contact person of cds Wohnbau GmbH will be happy to assist you during the entire construction phase with help and advice. 



cds Wohnbau Frankfurt_Dreieick Sprendlingen_Heckenborn_Einfamilienhaus

view street front


cds Wohnbau Frankfurt_Dreieick Sprendlingen_Heckenborn_Einfamilienhausview garden front


Das Doppelhaus



Das Doppelhaus

In der Architektur bezeichnet man das Doppelhaus als zwei einseitig aneinandergebaute und einheitlich gestaltete Einfamilienhäuser. Damit ähnelt ein typisches Doppelhaus zwei spiegelsymmetrischen Einzelhäusern.

Unsere Doppelhäuser werden auf real geteilten Grundstücken zwischen 272m² bis 370m² errichtet und stehen in Qualität und Komfort dem freistehenden Einfamilienhaus in nichts nach.

Überzeugen Sie sich von der Qualität und hohen Ausstattung der insgesamt 12 Doppelhäuser.

Ein persönlicher Ansprechpartner der cds Wohnbau GmbH steht Ihnen während der gesamten Bauphase gern mit Rat und Tat zur Seite.



cds Wohnbau Frankfurt_Dreieick Sprendlingen_Heckenborn_Doppelhaus

Ansicht Straßenfront


cds Wohnbau Frankfurt_Dreieick Sprendlingen_Heckenborn_DoppelhausAnsicht Garten


Das Reihenhaus



Das Reihenhaus

In der Architektur bezeichnet man das Reihenhaus als ein Einfamilienhaus, welches mit weiteren gleichartig gestalteten Häusern eine Reihung bildet. Unsere Reihen
häuser werden nach WEG geteilt und auf Grundstücken von 195 m2 errichtet.

Überzeugen Sie sich von der Qualität und hohen Ausstattung der insgesamt 8 Reihenhäuser.


Ein persönlicher Ansprechpartner der cds Wohnbau GmbH steht Ihnen während der gesamten Bauphase gern mit Rat und Tat zur Seite.




Ansicht Straßenfront


Ansicht Garten


Das Haus so individuell wie Sie

cds Heckenborn



  • 5 Zimmer
  • verschiedene Grundrissvarianten denkbar
  • geräumiges Dachstudio und Keller
  • Badausbau im Dachgeschoss als Sonderwunsch möglich
  • Dachterrasse zum Relaxen
  • lichtdurchflutet durch bodentiefe Fenster 
  • Echtholzparkett in den Wohnräumen 
  • moderne Wand- und Bodenfliesen  
  • großzügiges Tageslichtbad 
  • 1 Gäste-WC
  • hochwertige Sanitärobjekte
  • Rollläden an allen Wohnraumfenstern
  • Verwendung von Materialien namhafter Markenhersteller, z.B. Duravit Starck 3, Grohe, Hoppe, Jung, Kermos u.v.m.
  • Extensives Gründach
  • Fußbodenheizung
  • moderne Heiztechnik
  • EnEV 2014



  • Terrasse inklusive
  • Zuwegung inklusive