Exclusive Home Decor

The SchlossResidenz Mühlberg is located in the time-honored Sachsenhausen area and is a symbol for high standards and attractive living in Frankfurt.

Enjoy the great service in one of the most beautiful and tranquil combined park and residential areas in the city. If you are looking to remain mobile and independent even with your life situation without having to forgo the appropriate services and assistance, you will feel right at home in the SchlossResidenz.


Food for the Soule


The SchlossResidence Mühlberg is located in one of the most attractive residential areas in Frankfurt — in the popular and time-honored Sachsenhausen area. The combined park and residential area is only a few minutes away from the vibrant Sachsenhausen city center. Its unique location in Frankfurt, one of the most significant cities in Europe historically and culturally, is what sets this residential development apart. Museums and theaters, historical city centers and the promenade along the Main river, elegant stores and shops — everything is close by!


In the city and in the midst of things

The exclusive location, outstanding architecture, optimal ground plans, and of course the upscale interior fittings are what constitute the value of real estate. You will feel right at home in the SchlossResidence Mühlberg. It is more than just an exclusive apartment. The interaction of the remarkable architecture, stylish fittings and furnishings, and the time-honored park is unique in the entire Rhine-Main area. Only that which is positive is timeless!




Relaxation and vitality


Wide open spaces for relaxation and to meet up with friends and family with a library, restaurant and a modern spa center are being built next to the apartments. This will include e.g. a swimming pool with an artificial water current, a lounging area, a whirlpool, a multi-temperature sauna with a courtyard, and a refreshing massage bath. There will also be facilities for hairdressers, pedicures and a gym.





Auf dem Mühlberg 3
60599 Frankfurt am Main

Tel. 069 - 9624443-0

Fax. 069 - 9624443-11

Building Contractor:

Parkprojekt Mühlberg GmbH & Co.KG
Lurgiallee 5
60439 Frankfurt am Main